Property Management

Leave the complete management of the buildings to us. Our services include complete property and facility management from A to Z. We will take care of your inspection, service and inspection plans or a complete schedule of repairs and maintenance.

Easily control all technical, administrative and operational activities of your buildings, offices, warehouses or real estate. Based on internal audit and certification, we prepare inspection, service and inspection plans, repair and maintenance plan and much more.

Entrust us with the complete management of inspection, service and inspection plans. We will take care of ensuring legal requirements, creating preventive measures that eliminate the risks of normal operation or the preparation and control of support and safety systems involved in the operation of buildings.

Cleanliness in the workplace is the company’s business card. Leave the responsibility for maintaining it to a professional cleaning service provider. We will provide you with regular daily and seasonal cleaning, replenishment of hygienic material or machine cleaning of public areas. We also offer cleaning of roofs, gutters and facades. In addition, we will deal with the removal of graffiti and other signs on buildings.

We have professional equipment available for snow removal and removal in the winter months, as well as for mowing and irrigating grass and trees in the summer. We can safely cut down trees and then design, project and also implement park and other landscaping of green areas.

Safety first. Security is a key component of property management. With regard to it, we offer, and at the same time recommend, the performance of a security audit, on the basis of which we will then prepare the design and selection of suitable security systems, including installation and subsequent administration. You will also have at your disposal a centralized protection desk, which will be connected non-stop with the Police and the Integrated Rescue System.

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