Moving & Relocation

Minimize the impact of moving on the operation of your company with us. We will create a detailed moving plan, map the original and new premises, when necessary, arrange subcontractors and ensure a smooth course of the entire move.

We will describe the moving process in the complete project and detailed moving plan. We will tailor-make a risk analysis and propose measures for the safe handling of assets. We also emphasize the ingenious placement of furniture and the practical layout of the offices so that you feel good in the new environment, your work has been efficient and you are close to the coffee machine.

Following the moving plan, we will move one office and the entire company and production. We will secure subcontractors for secondary activities and we will coordinate and control them in cooperation with you during the move itself. We will also oversee the complete evacuation and cleaning of the original space and take care of the smooth handover of old and new premises.

Having things in order is essential, and in large warehouses it pays double. With this in mind, we offer access to the services of an online warehouse application, in which you have the opportunity to conveniently register all things. In addition, we will mark all items for you and automatically upload them to the application. People with the set permission can then browse and order items wherever they are needed.

In addition, we can cover all the mentioned activities with a vehicle fleet and thus offer you complete services for the successful management of the entire relocation.

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