Logistics Services

Even small changes can bring big results. Success lies in the details that can bring much-needed competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, financial savings and more efficient use of existing capacity. Don’t step on the spot and take your logistics to the next level with us.

The basis of logistics studies is a detailed audit. It will reveal possible weaknesses in the processes and help us to propose measures to eliminate or minimize them. The audit can then be followed by other sub-activities from optimization and inventory management through the distribution strategy, implementation of WMS and barcodes, e-commerce development strategies to automation and robotics.

If you are looking for a place where you can fold goods or pallets for a temporary period, we offer you available warehouses of our partners. This includes short-term and flexible warehousing or the necessary accompanying logistics services.

Cost reduction can also be achieved by outsourcing the warehouse. Through our partners, we provide comprehensive warehousing logistics. We will take care of all handling of goods, warehousing and removal from storage, inventory management, distribution and communication with suppliers. We understand warehouses, use it to your advantage.

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