Logistics Optimizations

The concept of logistics optimization consists of a wide range of services and options. Most of them follow a logistics audit, which maps warehouse or production processes based on the latest trends and standards used by market leaders, reveals their weaknesses and proposes measures for their improvement.

Only those warehousing and production processes that are precisely described can be improved and made more efficient. Our detailed audit will take care of this and reveal any possible weaknesses in the processes. In addition, it will suggest measures to eliminate or minimize them. The goal is to increase efficiency and productivity, resulting in financial savings or increased capacity.

An important factor of a successful business is to have a sufficient number of products in stock to handle orders and at the same time not have unnecessarily large storage capacities. You can achieve this, for example, by analyzing the products in the warehouse, in which we propose the optimal structure of stocks, the availability of a new warehouse or the optimization of the layout of the current warehouse.

Properly set distribution strategy, ideal number and location of warehouses can significantly affect not only the efficiency of the vehicle fleet, but also many other, not only logistics activities in the company. Based on an analysis of the location of suppliers ‘, customers’ and existing own warehouses and factories, we will help you find the so-called “center of gravity.”

The combination of WMS and barcodes is an ideal tool for warehouse management. Thanks to barcodes, you will know exactly the quantity and location of each product. This has a number of benefits – from controlling all operations through enough information to evaluate, plan and improve warehousing processes, monitor employee performance and reduce paper documents, to reduce human error.

Based on previous experience with the development of several e-shops, we also offer consultations and advice focused on e-commerce logistics associated with the operation of the e-shop. Among other things, we will advise you on how to set up working processes correctly or how to streamline existing ones.

It may not always be worthwhile to throw yourself headlong into automation or robotics. Therefore, we will assess your specific situation in detail and suggest what and how to use. Of course, the calculation of the necessary costs and the time horizon of the return on investment is also a matter of course.

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