Thanks to more than 14 years of experience in the field, we have a great overview of industrial real estate, warehouses, halls, logistics centers, production facilities and vacant land.

Our great competitive advantage is the specialization not only in modern premises, but in a comprehensive offer of brownfields and older real estate.

Whether you are an owner looking for a tenant or a client looking for new premises, we will be happy to help you with the rental. You can expect maximum care, professionalism and high expertise in order to minimize costs. With regard to maximum efficiency, we will also solve the lease of unused capacity of a warehouse, hall, logistics center or production space for you.

Based on your requirements and knowledge of the market, we will search for suitable properties that meet all the specified criteria. We will add them to the final overview with the possibility of tailor-made construction and compare everything to the last detail. Based on this analysis, we will then recommend a suitable option with regard to location, availability of manpower, timing and financial costs.

We owe our extensive offer of industrial real estate to our many years of experience and detailed knowledge of the market. Thanks to this, we will get to non-public offers, we know the upcoming and future projects, price levels, the availability of labor in the regions and the possibility of using incentives from the state.

Numbers game and contract documents. We will compare individual offers and analyze them in detail. We will assess the financial and non-financial aspects of the bids and help you negotiate contractual documents. We will also help reveal seemingly unimportant points in contracts that affect the practical operation of industrial real estate.

As a basis for your decision-making and planning of further strategic steps, we offer targeted studies and consultations. Thanks to a feasibility study of the plan, we can, for example, help assess whether and under what conditions it pays to invest in industrial real estate. We can describe the demand, possible competition, price levels, standard contract lengths, design the ideal layout of the property and much more.

We represent companies with an expiring lease and the goal of optimizing the cost of renting and operating the premises used. We will gradually conduct a market research, assess options with regard to preferences and start negotiations. This service will not cost you an extra money. Our reward is calculated only from the real savings achieved.

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